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Interroll Motorised Drum Distributors Northern Ireland  Texam Ltd are distributors of Interroll motorised drums, drive rollers and conveyor rollers. Our sales team will offer technical support to ensure the correct product is selected. Texam Ltd also design complete conveyor systems using Interroll conveyor modules that can be configured quickly and easily with the reassurance of using standard parts and designs that have been tested many times over.

Interroll is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of key products for unit load handling systems, internal logistics and automation. These solutions are used primarily within the area of food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and in various segments of industry. The products include easy-to-integrate drive solutions such as drum motors for belt conveyors, DC-powered and non-powered rollers for conveyor systems; energy-efficient flow storage modules for compact pallet/container racking systems in distribution centres; cross belt sorters, belt curves and other user-friendly conveyor modules for cost-efficient material flow systems.


RollerDrive and Controls are based on a simple principle: one motor for all applications. Interroll RollerDrive and Controls are used in automated conveyor technology. They are based on decentralised drive technology and can thus directly ensure that systems can be adapted to individual requirements.

The Interroll RollerDrive is a 24 VDC brushless motor integrated in a conveyor roller, which can be employed in the most diverse conveyor systems. Many years of experience and many hundreds of thousands of 24V motor rollers in use make Interroll the leading manufacturer in this area. A broad spectrum of controllers allows for flexible and simple integration into different applications.

RollerDrive is based on the fundamental principle of decentralising and modularizing conveyors with zero pressure accumulation. Conventional conveyor sections are powered by 400V gear motors. These motors drive long flat belts that usually run 24 hours a day, regardless of how many goods are actually being transported. In this case, the respective conveyor zone is switched on and off using pneumatic or electric control units.

A system driven by RollerDrive in principle features a decentralised design: There is no central drive station, the drives are located in each individual conveyor zone. This design allows for activating and deactivating every conveyor zone individually. The advantage: The conveyor system will move only if goods are present. In the process, only RollerDrive that are required for optimum throughput of the goods are powered. With typical throughput rates of 600 to 1800 pieces of transport material per hour, this translates into an enormous potential energy savings, as well as reduction of noise and wear.

Compared with a centralised drive system, a conveyor system powered with RollerDrive allows for saving up to 50% energy on average.

A drive solution with Interroll RollerDrive is not only the perfect solution for new systems. Existing centrally driven systems can also be conveniently retrofitted. In many cases, the conveyor rollers in use can continue to be used. In every conveyor zone, only one roller has to be replaced by a RollerDrive. With the RollerDrive controls from Interroll, the interface to the existing control system infrastructure can be easily set up.

Advantages: RollerDrive make a system easier to control and therefore save energy. This is due to the decentralised drive technology: The drives are situated in every individual conveyor zone. The conveyor zones can therefore be switched on or off completely independently of each other. This enables more specific use of the system and prevents wear and tear of the complete system. Compared with centrally driven conveyors, power consumption can be reduced by 50 %.

Drum Motors

Interroll Drum Motors are mainly designed for use in belt conveyors and connected conveyor systems. Thanks to many years of experience in the belt conveyor sector, Interroll can offer a comprehensive range. Interroll Drum Motors enable the construction of maintenance-free, energy-efficient conveyor belt systems.

Interroll Drum Motors have been specifically designed for belt conveyors and associated material handling equipment. The new Drum Motor platform offers more flexibility, robustness, and power. The modular platform strategy serves as the basis for the many benefits of the new drum motor generation. Thanks to its modular flexibility, the new drive generation makes it significant easier to plan and implement highly efficient and user-specific material-handling solutions. An extended number of gear stages broadens the range of speeds so that one drive solution is sufficient for all current and future uses. Furthermore, all options like encoders, brakes, or backstops are available for all motors.

The 30 mm shaft on Interroll’s new drum motors is significantly stronger, allowing for higher belt Tension as it does not bend even under higher load and at the same time, protects the ball bearings. The customers is on the safe side even with a non-optimal belt tensioning. All drum motors in the new generation meet the highest requirements and are fitted with the highest degree of IP69k protection, which makes cleaning the facility much faster and easier and also reduces the risk of product contamination in the food processing area. The PTFE-sealing allows a high pressure cleaning with chemicals according to ECOLAB specifications.

Gravity Rollers

Interroll, the world’s leading provider of solutions for use in internal logistics, has already manufactured five hundred million conveyor rollers, also known as Steel Rollers, PVC Rollers and Slave Rollers. This underlines our company’s leading international position with key products for use in internal logistics. Gravity Rollers from Interroll are the products of choice for transporting containers and pallets in the distribution centres of postal and courier services, mail order companies, airports and production plants, but also in other industries such as supermarkets and the e-commerce sector.

Portec Belt curve

With a conveyor speed of more than 2 m/s, the Interroll Portec belt curve is designed for high performance and trouble-free operation in different applications. The curves are available in several widths, angles and weight classes. The Interroll Portec belt curves can be operated in higher and lower temperature ranges, which represents a significant advantage compared to common solutions, such as friction-driven conveyors. Another advantage is the fast belt change. Thanks to the sophisticated construction, the drive station does not have to be removed for the belt change, thereby saving time.


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