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How Connect-A-tube can save your business time and money

What is Connect-A-tube?

Connect-A-tube is a pipe and joint system that allows its users to quickly assemble bespoke storage and materials handling solutions. Typically Connect-A-tube is used to build storage racks, carts and trolleys, workstations and even conveyor systems.

How does it help to improve production?

Manufacturing companies who are familiar with lean manufacturing techniques will know that maximising the use of workspace and good organisation saves time and speeds up production. It creates a workflow that allows products to move more efficiently through a production process and with less handling. Connect-A-tube facilitates this process by allowing its users to build bespoke pieces of equipment in a very fast and efficient manner that aren’t readily available as “off-the-shelf” items. Because each item has been constructed to suit a specific application space saving and workflow goals are instantly being achieved.

Is it expensive?

Connect-A-tube is not an expensive product to buy in the first instance but it is also worth considering the many other real benefits that the product offers when considering whether or not to buy it. Benefits include the ability to quickly disassemble and rebuild new equipment many times over using the same components. This reduces cost of ownership as the capital write-down and end of life disposal costs can be lower bearing in mind that all the components are being re-used. Other benefits include improvements in company Health & Safety standards by using the product to assemble equipment that is “solution” based and designed to reduce manual handling requirements etc.

Is it easy to assemble?

Connect-A-tube is a relatively easy product to assemble and requires no special skills. A hacksaw, tape measure and a 5mm Allen Key will get you started. For new or inexperienced users we provide a full design service that makes sure everything you want to build is fit for purpose. If you would prefer complete design and on site assembly of your equipment then that is not a problem. We can easily do that for you.

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