2 Port Valves – VXB series

2 Port Valves – VXB series

Brand SMC Pneumatics

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2 Port Valves – VXB series are an air operated valve from SMC Pneumatic for steam that utilizes angle seat structure to minimize pressure loss. It is available with stainless steel 316L or bronze body material, and port size ranges from 3/8″ to 3/4″.  FKM seals are utilized to reduce leakage and provide long service life of over 3 million cycles (steam) or 5 million cycles (air).

For steam (can also be used with air and water)

Low pressure loss due to angle seat structure

Low leakage of 10 cm3/min or less (rubber seal)

Long service life: 3 million cycles (steam) 5 million cycles (air)

Body material: stainless steel 316L equivalent, bronze (CAC)

SMC Pneumatics have a 2 Port Valve Selector which can be really useful to narrow down the Range you might want to choose.


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