SMC Cylinders – CQ2 Compact Cylinder

SMC Cylinders – CQ2 Compact Cylinder

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SMC CQ2 Compact Cylinders  – Cylinders in our SMC range include the CQ2 series cylinder. SMC Compact Cylinders are widely applicable for the automatic production and control in the fields such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, light industry machinery and food packing machinery. The CQ2 is a space-saving cylinder designed with a compact body. It is possible to mount small auto switches on 4 surfaces. (2 surfaces for ø12 to ø25) and there is no projection of auto switch. The cylinder is a lighter weight: Reduced by 5 to 13% (compared with the existing CQ2 series). It features added pivot brackets for double clevis and compact type foot brackets and part numbers with rod end bracket and/or mounting bolt are available meaning it is not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately.

Various mounting accessories and reed switches are available to compliment our range of CQ2 cylinders. Accessories available include rod clevis, front / rear flange, feet and seal kits.


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