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SMC Thermo ChillerCirculating Fluid Temperature Controller

Series HRS Thermo-Chiller  Improve the performance and reliability of your machine with our easy to install, high performance, compact recirculating thermochillers.

Cooling systems and the importance of a reliable system. Thermo chillers are used in many industrial processes to help monitor and control the temperature of heat generating devices. Commonly found in plastic, printing, machine tool, laboratory, diagnostic and laser machine applications, the ability to maintain a constant temperature, within strict limits, can have a dramatic effect on improved output quality, quantity and machine reliability.

Failure to control heat generation in today’s high tech machines can have serious consequences including high rejection rates, poor product quality and ultimately loss of bottom line revenue.

SMC thermochillers have been specially developed to help improve your industrial application by bringing you a reliable cooling system and complete peace of mind. Gain competitive advantage by using a compact, high performance, thermo chiller from SMC

By selecting SMC HRS range of thermo chillers for your application needs it will help you to achieve the competitive edge.

  • Series HRS thermo chillers offer outstanding reliability ensuring the ideal operating conditions for your process resulting in increased productivity and maximum machine performance
  • The impressive temperature stability achieved by our HRS range will help to optimise the quality of your process
  • The compact dimensions of our HRS range and their ability to be mounted closely to a side panel or wall helps to ensure that overall machine size can be kept to a minimum
  • Weighing from just 40Kg up to 69Kg (2100W and 4700W capacity respectively) our lightweight but robust HRS range will help to reduce the overall weight of your machine.

Cooling systems and the importance of monitoring the operating conditions – Even when applications seen to be working normally it is still possible for unforeseen or unexpected things to go wrong that can severely disrupt or damage your manufacturing process. But, thanks to the HRS thermo chillers advanced control functions, abnormalities and errors can be quickly detected before any real damage can occur. And, when used in conjunction with other innovative products from the SMC range such as our unique digital flow switch with integrated temperature sensor – Series PF3W or our high performance Series VX fluid valve range, we can provide you with a one-stop-shop service to help you automate your process using our high quality products to meet all your needs.

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