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David Brown Gearboxes provide a long history of  high quality gearboxes that set new standards for reliability and long service life. Radicon gearboxes were first introduced to the world in 1933 and very quickly the Radicon brand became the number one choice of gearbox for machine manufacturers all over the world. By the mid 1960’s David Brown had manufactured its millionth Radicon Gearbox. Today many of these units are still in use.

In 2010 David Brown sold the Radicon brand and all of the Radicon range of standard products to Elecon Engineering. Elecon Engineering is Asia’s biggest manufacturer of gearboxes. Today we stock many of the new products manufactured with the Radicon brand but there are still lots of the older David Brown Radicon products out there that many customers prefer to repair rather than replace. We offer a service that includes aftermarket support and the repair of these units. Please contact us for advice on repairs or alternative replacements for any of your older David Brown Gearbox Units.


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