Dunlop Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Dunlop Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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DUNLOP Cylindrical roller bearings series 811 and 812 are single direction acting, separable axial bearings, insensitive to shock loading and feature a much higher load carrying capacity compared to thrust ball bearings. They are designed to support heavy axial loads, but no radial forces. They provide a very rigid bearing assembly for high thrust loading, with minimum space requirements. Cylindrical roller bearings are a simple design, they consist of a shaft washer, a housing washer and a cylindrical roller and cage thrust assembly.

With all cylindrical roller bearings, increased sliding friction can occur at the end of the cylindrical rollers. In order to minimise this negative, cylindrical roller bearings with a wider sectional width are produced using several short rollers in each cage pocket instead of using individual longer rollers. Furthermore, they require minimum axial loads for their optimum function.


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