Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

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Energy Recovery System

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Energy Recovery Systems are a new and innovative product manufactured by MSF-Technik. In many electrical control applications excess energy from lifting, lowering and braking movements is converted by braking resistors into heat loss. It is now possible to recover this potential energy with the MSF-Technik Energy Recovery Systems.

By installing the MSF-Technik Energy Recovery System (ERS), the regenerative power of your servo- or standard drive is no longer lost. The regenerative unit ERS serves as a centralised or decentralised feedback of energy via the connected frequency inverter to the system network.

The ERS is suitable for both, new installations and for retrofitting of existing plants and is connected to all the frequency inverters with lead-out links.

The benefits include: Reduced energy costs: Using the ERS will reduce the overall energy consumption of your system.

No added cooling cost:  braking resistors generate heat, recovering this energy means that the local installation environment does not heat up; air-conditioning is unnecessary.

Save control cabinet space: The assembly of braking resistors in the control cabinet does not apply because the ERS can also be decentralized mounted in your application.

Retrofitting of existing installations: The ERS can be connected to existing frequency inverters

This is a specialised product and required a discussion with ourselves regarding the application. Please CONTACT US with details of your enquiry or call us on 028 92674137



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