Linak Electric Height Adjustable Desks (Frame Only)

Linak Electric Height Adjustable Desks (Frame Only)


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Texam Ltd are distributors for Linak Electric Height Adjustable Desks. We supply Linak Electric Height Adjustable Desks frames.

Linak Electric Height Adjustable Desks are comprised of Linak’s Kick & Click system, which is the smart and intuitive solution for mounting Linak desklift columns to the table top. The solution is perfect for various office desks. The unique feature of Kick & Click is the way of mounting. Click the system together without using tools and screws, simply clever. Kick & Click is a modular concept compatible with all Linak deskline columns with motor housing leaving the design to the desk manufacturer. Kick & Click comes standard in 3 versions: Kick & Click Adjustable, Kick & Click Fixed and Kick & Click Base. Additionally, Kick & Click can be used for creating large three-legged office desks by joining a Kick & Click 3rd leg kit with a Kick & Click system.

Linak’s DL6 3-part lifting column with a compact motor housing almost invisible in your desk design. Very sturdy and compatible with multiple desk designs. LINAK PIEZO anti-collision system optional.

The Desklift DL6 is a compact 3-part lifting column, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of different desk applications ranging from industry to office desks. The 3-part construction ensures a short installation dimension combined with a long stroke length making the DL6 an optimal choice no matter what the height of the person using the desk is. The middle profile of the DL6 moves synchronously, so the legs are always in the same height, thus optimising the desk design.

The DL6 has a compact motor housing, which is almost invisible in the table top construction, and the column is very sturdy thus eliminating the need for a crossbar in many applications. The DL6 has the same outer dimensions and mounting holes as the 2-part DL5 column, which makes them compatible. Therefore, they can be used in the same table top and table foot construction. The DL6 is available in several standard colours to fit into a wide range of desk designs. Optional PIEZ (collision protection) available. PIEZO minimises the risk of damage to desks caused by collision with an obstacle. The DL6 system is controlled by a DESKLINE control box (CBD). Whichever box is preferred, they all ensure optimal parallel drive and a pleasant low noise level. The DL6 can be used as a single column or in 2, 3 or 4 parallel systems.

Linak offer several types of feet, applicable to a variety of lifting columns with either rectangular, square, or round profiles.

DESKLIFT Feet (DL Feet) is a wide product range of various desk feet especially for electric height adjustable office desks. The feet are available in two different lengths (560 mm and 710 mm) and two different ways of mounting the column (on top or recessed).  DL Feet fits a wide range of LINAK columns and, with the unobtrusive design, they blend perfectly into various office desk designs. DL Feet are available as a set-packed solution, where feet are boxed with adjustment screws and mounting screws for the columns for added convenience, or simply as bulk deliveries.

Combined with a Kick & Click top frame and a DL set-packed solution, you have a complete desk frame with a vast range of possibilities for combination and a high degree of convenience.




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