Marlin Stainless Steel Electric Motors

Marlin Stainless Steel Electric Motors

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Brand Lafert Electric Motors

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Stainless Steel Washdown Motors

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Marlin stainless steel electric motors are hygienically designed, smooth bodied and IP66 protected making them ideal for all washdown and hygienic applications. Marlin motors are designed to withstand frequent high pressure and high temperature wash down. All external components, including the motor shaft, are manufactured in 300 series stainless steel. This gives excellent resistance to corrosion as there is no paint to flake off and being resistant to sanitising chemicals used during the cleaning process it provides a durable solution where hygiene is essential.

 Unlike standard motors the Marlin Stainless range has “clean lines” and no cooling fins. Designed with cleaning in mind, it has no paint to chip or flake off, no surface that will rust. Waste products can be washed away easily leaving no residue and the motor can be used with confidence in food processing areas. Even the rating plate is laser etched on the outer casing to reduce areas where bacteria can lurk.

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