Radicon Series A Junior Worm Gearbox

Radicon Series A Junior Worm Gearbox

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Brand Radicon Gearboxes

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Radicon Series A Junior Gearboxes are available in unit sizes 280, 410, 510, 610, 730 and 860 based on a single universal case for each size. This design concept provides a high degree of common parts and interchangeability. Units can be mounted in the under driven, over driven and vertical mounting positions and provide a choice of shaft arrangements for either motorised or reducer versions. Motors can be close coupled in frame sizes 63 to 132 in powers from 0.12 kW to 11 kW.
All units are designed with hollow output bores, output shafts can be fitted allowing handing to be changed without dismantling the unit. Double extended output shafts are also available.
Radicon Series A Junior offer a choice of 12 standard ratios from 5/1 to 70/1 and important features include high efficiencies and load carrying capacities combined with long life and reliability.
All units are lubricated for life to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Series A is one of the first generation worm gearboxes to be designed by Radicon. For new machine designs Series C  and Series K may offer more efficient options.


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