Radicon Series X Couplings

Radicon Series X Couplings

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Brand Radicon Gearboxes

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Radicon Series X Couplings include a range of gear couplings, pin and bush couplings and Nylicon Couplings. All couplings can be supplied pilot bored or bored and keyed as required.

Series X Couplings include Gear Couplings for high torque and torsionally rigid applications, all of which can be provided with fully machined bores etc. Grid Couplings are a range of double flexing steel grid type couplings offering protection from misalignment and shock / vibratory loads. Cone ring couplings  accomodate shaft misalignment in most normal operations and are available in medium duty or heavy duty versions. The difference between the medium and heavy duty versions is the number of pin assemblies that are used to assemble the coupling, medium duty versions use half the amount.

To discuss any of your coupling requirements please call our sales office on 028 92674137 or use the contact us form to provide us with some details. 


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