SMC Anti-Static Ionizers

SMC Anti-Static Ionizers

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SMC Anti-Static Ionizers – Static is not like an air leakage that you can hear. Static is invisible, but its effects can certainly be seen. In visits to customer’s premises, no matter if they are big, medium or small production plants, we often encounter many locations suffering from the effects of static. Plastic tubes actually levitating, plastic wraps all twisted, or very unstable packaging processes due to clinging bottles.

In many occasions, unseen means un-tackled. Luckily, static can be solved in a very quick, easy and efficient way with an ionizer. Implementing an ionizer does not imply complicated installation or maintenance. Basically, you must simply find the right one, plug it in, and forget about annoying unplanned stops, messy products or jolts. Simplicity & effectiveness, that is the motto of this product range.

With SMC’s  Anti-Static Ionizers you will forget about product rejections, futile maintenance hours and machine downtime provoked by static electricity. You can simply plug it in and see the benefits right away.

Optimize the quality of your process, the installation of the appropriate solution will increase production speed and improve output quality in a simple way. You will create a safe environment for your workers and eliminate jolts produced by static. Guarantee getting the proper anti-static solution as a wide range for measurement, removal and control of static electricity is at your disposal.

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