SMC MGP Series – Compact Guide Cylinders

SMC MGP Series – Compact Guide Cylinders

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SMC MGP Compact Guide Cylinders offer mounting points on the top, side, or bottom (and a T-slot mount option), with pneumatic ports on the top or side. MGP non-rotatable cylinders are able to withstand lateral loading forces that are more than twice the force experienced by conventional stopper cylinders, and are highly resistant to side loads. The cylinders are suitable for conveyor line stopping, lifting, positioning, or push-off applications.

The MGPM is a compact body, end lock actuator integrated with internal guide shafts to isolate the load bearing from the movement of the actuator’s rod and seals. The end lock can be specified for either the head end (H) or rod end (R) of the stroke. The brake spring, end lock mechanism will engage when air pressure is lost for drop prevention applications and can be released by reintroducing air pressure or via a manual release bolt. The (M) carbon steel alloy slide bearing provides lateral stability protecting it from side load impacts, suitable for stopping applications.

Available in 12mm – 100mm bore sizes, we also stock a range of suitable auto switches.


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