SMC Refrigerated Air Dryers

SMC Refrigerated Air Dryers

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SMC Refrigerated Air Dryers

IDF refrigerated air dryer series, in compliance with the Montreal Protocol Regulations, uses refrigerants R134a and R407C to prevent any damage to the earth’s ozone layer. Series IDF can accommodate an inlet temperature of 40°C. System efficiency is improved by using a high performance heat exchanger.

Industry applications requiring stable compressed air temperature control now have the answer with our new compact Series IDH air dryer unit with integrated heater, regulator, dryer and filter. Developed for an extensive range of industry applications, our Series IDH air dryer can deliver a constant volume of compressed air at the correct temperature, dew point, pressure and cleanliness regardless of external conditions or seasonal climatic conditions. Offering temperature stability of +/-0.1ºC, with a setting range of 15 to 30ºC and a dryer controlled pressure dew point of 10ºC, Series IDH can be set with an outlet air pressure of between 0.15 to 0.85 Mpa using its in-built highly accurate Series AR regulator. Ideal for applications where lack of available dryer space is an issue, Series IDH can be installed close to a wall or panel and is around 70% smaller than similar performance dryers in our current range.

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