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Welding Curtains Northern IrelandIndustrial welding curtains are designed to resist flying sparks from arc welding while also providing a line of sight to the both sides of the curtain. This line of sight must then be tinted with a UV blocking film to protect the eye sight of nearby workers.

Welding curtain is designed to provide a safe, durable and economical barrier against sparks and welding arc flashes. The strips are manufactured from PVC and are tinted, inflammable and do not get damaged by welding sparks. We stock PVC welding curtain in 50 metre rolls. We can also manufacture kits with strips cut to the required length and fitted with stainless steel plates. Hanging rails are also available.

Our welding materials meet the full EN1598 regulations for Welding Products. This means that whilst blocking all of the harmful UV rays that are omitted during welding that our PVC is also Self Extinguishing within under 1 second. All of our PVC Strips are manufactured to the highest quality standards and do not contain either DOP or DEHP and as a result are all compliant with the REACH directive.

The welding curtain is available in Green, Red and Bronze colours. We supply a wide range of PVC strip curtains.


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