E-15B Multi Purpose Joint

E-15B Multi Purpose Joint

Brand Connect-A-Tube

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Connect-A-tube E-15B Joint Piece

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Connect-A-tube E-15B Multi Purpose Joint is a component part of a complete ES-15 joint. ES-15 joints are typically used to fix table tops and side panels etc. To make a complete joint (ES-15) will require 1 off E-15A joint part + 1 off E15B joint part + 1 off M0610 Bolt + 1 off TN06 Nut. Available in both black and nickel plated options. Part of our pipe and joint system product range.



With Connect-A-tube you can manufacture your own bespoke industrial storage equipment. The product is easy to assemble and consists of a series of joints and pipes that bolt together to form structures that are as strong as those with welded joints. Lean manufacturing techniques prove that less product handling during the manufacturing process improves overall efficiency therefore reducing manufacturing costs. Storage equipment manufactured using Connect-A-tube allows users to assemble bespoke equipment that reduces handling requirements and deliver parts and sub-assemblies to their production lines in a more organised and efficient manner. The product also helps to reduce capital investment costs as it can be dis-assembled and reused to construct new equipment many times over. We provide a complete design service that includes advice on how to improve your production processes.


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