Radicon Series A Mid Range Worm Gearbox

Radicon Series A Mid Range Worm Gearbox

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Radicon Series A Mid Gearboxes are a range of metric centre worm gearboxes with centres set at 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm. This denotes the respective unit part numbers A1002, A1252, A1602 and A2002. Units can be underdriven or overdriven and are used in a wide variety of medium duty industrial applications. There are 12 standard ratio’s available from 5/1 up to 70/1. Combining the units extends the ratio coverage up to 4200/1. Radicon Series A Mid Range gearboxes are available with a range of options including output shafts, output flanges, torque arms. The units can also be modified to suit very specific applications such as Heavy Duty Stirrer units and Cooling Tower Fan drives.  Radicon Series A Mid Gearboxes are compatible with our range of electric motors.

Other applications include conveyor drives, water treatment plants, agitators and machinery drives.

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