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We recently designed and installed a heat tunnel using our Aluminium Profile SyCpAb5zaXEAEu7Brstem and polycarbonate panels. The system was designed to retain heat around extruded plastic sheeting while it is being fed into a forming press. For technical reasons it was important that the whole heat tunnel could expand along its length from approximately 1500mm in its closed position to 2200mm in its open position. This was important to facilitate maintenance.

We installed this heat tunnel for our client in the food packaging industry. Other

applications include machine guards, safety fences and machine structures.



Aluminium profile systems consist of a variety of standard extruded profiles with an anodised finish and a series of joints that are used to build any system. We carry out site surveys to assess the requirements of every job including any safety features that might be required. The system is designed to be modular so that it can be modified or even completely disassembled and rebuilt in to something completely different.

The key benefits of our system are

  • Availability of an extensive range of aluminium profiles and accessories
  • Simple fast assembly and disassembly
  • Reduced design costs
  • Short lead time
  • Fast build times
  • Reduced production costs


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