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Electric Motors Northern Ireland –

Texam Ltd are distributors for Lafert Electric Motors in Northern Ireland. We have an established reputation for quality, reliability and customised solutions. We stock electric motors from 0.09kw – 15kw.

Lafert Electric Motors are manufactured in Europe and offer high quality and competitive prices. We stock Lafert motors up to 1.5kw in unpainted aluminium frames IE2 and IE3 efficiency. Electric Motors can be fitted with B5 or B14 motor flanges and are ready to connect directly on to any standard IEC input gearbox. Unpainted aluminium frame motors are excellent for use in the food industry as they are rust proof and no paint is removed during wash-down.

Today, one of the major factors influencing the automotive industry is energy efficiency. This is being driven by both increasingly demanding legislation and industry’s greater awareness of green issue responsibilities. AC motors have a significant impact on the total energy operation cost for industry, institutional and commercial buildings. With this in mind Lafert has embraced these challenges and brought a combination of IE3 Premium Efficiency and high reliability electric motors to service the ever increasing energy efficiency requirements of these markets.

Lafert Electric Motors

Aluminium Electric Motors Northern Ireland

Texam Ltd also supply aluminium and stainless steel electric motors which are specifically designed to meet the ever increasing requirements of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

In work areas where hygiene is a priority and regular cleaning is required, aluminium gearboxes and motors can provide the answer. The units have all been designed with smooth surfaces, IP69k rating, and NTT surface treatment. NTT surface treatment is a special treatment that results in a complex non corrosive surface that has not been painted or treated with any other substance that could peel off. The IP69k rating means that the units can be washed and cleaned with either high pressure water (100bar) or high temperature (80C) water.

Clean-Geartech Stainless Steel Premium Motors

Stainless Steel Electric Motors Northern Ireland

Our stainless steel motors are made from 100% stainless steel, IP69k Rated, have smooth surfaces and no unnecessary recesses. These features prevent the build-up of unwanted bacteria and grime. The IP69k rating means that the units can be easily cleaned without problems using either high pressure water (100bar) or high temperature water (80c). The units will not corrode over time and the stainless steel hollow bore allows quick removal if required. The electric motors are designed with mounting holes on both sides to provide to provide additional mounting options and are fitted with twin Viton seals with stainless steel shield.

All external components of our stainless steel motors are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel. The motor shaft is made from 420 Stainless Steel and has magnetic properties. This gives the motor excellent corrosion protection and represents a reliable and durable solution in industries where hygiene is essential, such as the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This attention to detail has also been maintained on the internals of the electric motor. The surface temperature is limited thanks to an accurate electromagnetic design and the additional internal active material. The efficiency class across the range is IE3.

Marlin Stainless Steel Electric Motors


Texam Ltd also supply a full range of Gearboxes and Stainless Steel Gearboxes throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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