Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

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Our Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains are designed to increase capacity by maximising airflow dynamics, reducing power outage and increasing the effectiveness of hot or cold aisle isolation.

Anti-static PVC is a high static dissipative (anti-static) material. It avoids sparks and all others damages resulting from static electrical charges. Anti-static PVC strips, doors and partitions. It can be used in varied applications such as, explosive atmosphere (mining, chemical sites, laboratories) or in static electric sensitive areas (data centres, electronic part factories, packaging).

Anti-static PVC Strip Curtains are designed as an economical energy saving solution. The stainless steel hanging system allows you to attach the anti-static curtain to the suspended ceiling. Intelligently designed aisle containment curtains will save energy while improving temperature control. They are inexpensive, easily cut to adjust to obstacles and effective at preventing air mixing.

Anti-static PVC is manufactured especially to be used in a static sensitive environment. It is a highly effective way of controlling temperatures in heavily air conditioned areas. Anti-Static PVC provides a very effective barrier against noise and air-pollution.

Benefits of Anti-Static PVC include; flexibility, thermal insulation, noise insulation, long durability, impact & scratch resistance, high resistance to chemicals, environment friendly & recyclable.

We supply and deliver a wide range of PVC Strip curtains throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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