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Radicon Gearboxes Northern Ireland – Radicon Gearboxes are a range of in-line and right angle gearboxes which are available in a range of different unit sizes, input powers and gear ratio’s. As an authorised Radicon distributor, Texam Ltd build in-line and right angle geared motors to order. From stock we can build geared motors from 0.18kw – 15.0kw at almost any output speed required.

Units can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and are available 24/7. Radicon Geared Motors are interchangeable size for size with most other leading gearbox manufacturers. This saves time and money by reducing down time and eliminating retrofitting costs. All Radicon geared motors are designed to accept standard IEC motors extending customer choice on specific motor requirements, for example, brake motors can be fitted as standard. As a leading supplier of geared motors we also offer a full gearbox repair service. We also offer competitive prices on larger reconditioned geared motors.

Series M

Radicon Series M inline geared motors provide a very efficient and compact drive solution. The range includes 12 sizes of unit with power capacities up to 90KW. Major design features include the ability to fit standard motors. All units are dimensionally interchangeable with other major manufacturers.

Radicon Series M

Series C

Radicon Series C right-angle helical worm geared motors provide an efficient and compact solution to meet most drive requirements. They are available in powers up to 45KW. Series C is available with all of the usual required options, including torque arms, output shafts, output flanges etc. Major advantages include the use of standard motors and interchangeability with other leading manufacturers.

Radicon Series C Gearbox


Series K

Radicon Series K right-angle drive helical bevel geared motors provide a very efficient right-angle output drive solution. Units are available with torque arms, output shafts or output flanges.

Radicon Series K Gearboxes

Previously known as David Brown, the Radicon brand is synonymous with quality and engineering excellence. We stock the Series M range in sizes M01, – M09 and the Series C range in Sizes C03 – C09.  All other sizes are available to order on short lead times. Size for size Radicon units are interchangeable with most other European gearbox manufacturers including SEW-Eurodrive and Siemens.  To complement our Radicon gearbox range we also supply electric motors, couplings, chains, sprockets, belts and pulleys. We deliver Radicon products throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland.

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