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Height Adjustable Workstations provide users with many health benefits. It has been proved that sitting for prolonged periods of time is damaging to health. Problems can arise such as cardio vascular disease, muscular skeletal problems, obesity, diabetes and even some types of cancer.

Here are 5 benefits of being able to vary your working day balance between sitting to standing

  1. Lower the risk of heart disease – Everyone agrees that standing on your feet and moving is healthier than sitting down in the same position all day. By incorporating more movement in to your working day you will increase your heart rate. This will increase calories burned and help maintain your body weight.
  2. Reduce Obesity – By burning more calories our metabolism will increase making our body healthier. In combination with a healthy diet movement also helps our digestive systems to work better. When it comes to obesity even the smallest amount of extra calories that we can burn off without even having to try too hard helps.
  3. Improves or reduces back pain – Nearly everyone would agree that working in the same position for long periods of time can be painful. How many times have we felt a sore back, legs or shoulder pain or even a headache because we haven’t moved. Height Adjustable Workstations can help reduce the aches and pains by allowing us to vary our posture positions.
  4. Lower blood sugar levels – After we eat our blood sugars rise. The higher this level gets the worse it is for our health. High blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes. Excessive bouts of sedentary time has been linked to the risk of type 2 daibetes. Studies have shown that standing helps to reduce blood sugar levels after meals.
  5. Increase productivity, energy and mood – Standing forces us to vary our posture to maintain body comfort. This in turn helps us to stay focussed on what we are doing and can even improve our mood. Just by moving around we can decrease where the stresses are in our bodies. When we are less stressed we are more energetic and engaging with the other tasks going on around us.

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