Workplace Protective Screen Northern Ireland

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Workplace Protective Screen – Helping our customers to create safe workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing working practices in the UK, Texam Ltd can now design, manufacture and supply high-quality protective plastic screening to enable practical social distancing in the workplace. They can be used to create individual workstations and segregate production lines and adapt existing spaces. We can offer bespoke solutions for factories, warehouses, counters, and offices to assist with the implementation of social distancing requirements and maintain workers safety.

Workplace Protective Screens Northern Ireland

Our workplace protective screens are constructed from Connect-A-Tube pipe and joint system or using aluminium profile with clear transparent plastic in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm thickness. These can be lightweight for ease of handling, assembly, and relocation. We can create modular safety screens to help segregate production personnel who are working in close proximity. We can also supply effective individual screens which can be moved and positioned as required. These can be free-standing with integrated stabilisers for areas where higher stability is required. They are designed to safeguard employees in many environments such as offices, production lines or where workstations need to be segregated. A workplace protective screen creates a physical barrier between staff allowing colleagues to work safely and communicate with people at adjoining workstations.

Our protective screens are an ideal solution for hygiene and safety. They are optically clear and are easy to clean and maintain. Our social distancing safety screens can be free standing or designed to sit or mount on an existing work surface. These workplace protective screens offer a solution to the issues associated with social distancing and airborne viruses. Our safety screens can act as a protective barrier to help limit the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

We supply and deliver throughout the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland

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