Conveyor Systems Northern Ireland

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Conveyor Systems Northern Ireland

Texam Limited is one of the most experienced conveyor manufacturers in the UK. We have more than forty years experience in the design, supply and installation of complete turnkey conveyor systems. Over the years we have designed conveyor systems to convey many different products including fine bone china at the Belleek China Factory right up to to 20 ton generator sets on Assembly Lines in the FG Wilson / Caterpillar Genertor assembly plants. We have successfully installed conveyors in many countries including USA, Nigeria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Many of our conveyor systems are used for assembly line purposes and handling boxes, cartons and pallets in logistics operations. We design our conveyors in a modular format that allows our customers to reconfigure and add on additional sections as their needs change.

Conveyors we supply include gravity roller conveyors, skatewheel conveyors, ball transfer tables, all types of powered roller conveyors including lineshaft and zero line pressure conveyors. We also supply level belt conveyors, incline conveyors and overhead conveyors. Many complete conveyor systems that we design include a mix of these different types.

Over the years we have developed a particular specialism in the design and installation of heavy duty powered roller conveyors used for assembly line purposes. Typically unit loads being moved can be up to 20 tonnes. Safety is paramount in these applications so we carry out comprehensive Risk Assessments with our clients to identify all of the safety features that any system will require. We provide a full 12 month warranty with all of our system and offer optional maintenance contracts if required.

To find out more about our conveyors please call us on 028 92674137. Alternatively CLICK HERE Conveyor Systems Northern Ireland

chain driven roller conveyor

Picture shows a typical chain driven powered roller arrangement. Rollers are selected based on load requirements.

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