Electric Motors and Gearboxes Northern Ireland

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Electric Motors and Gearboxes Northern Ireland

Since 1973 Texam have been serving the Northern Ireland industrial market with a complete range of power transmission products. Texam supply Electric Motors and Gearboxes throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland  & the UK including major brands such as Hydro-mec, Radicon, Lafert and MSF-Technik

Key Brands – Radicon Gearboxes View Products

Radicon Gearboxes are a range of in-line and right angle gearboxes that are available in a range of different unit sizes, input powers and gear ratio’s.  As a leading Radicon Gearbox Distributor in the UK and Ireland we offer the full range of Radicon Transmissions products. We build many of our units to order and offer a full 24 hour service if required. Previously known as David Brown Radicon the Radicon brand is synonymous with quality and engineering excellence. We stock the Series M range in sizes M01, – M09 and the Series C range in Sizes C03 – C09.  All other sizes are available to order on short lead times. Size for size Radicon units are interchangeable with most other European gearbox manufacturers including SEW-Eurodrive and Siemens.

Key Brands – Hydro-mec Gearboxes View Products

Hydro-mec Gearboxes are available from stock in sizes 030, 045, 050, 063, 063A, 085, and 110 in all avaialble ratio’s. Hydro-mec gearboxes offer high quality at very competitive prices. All gear units are interchangeable with other European manufacturers including Bonfiglioli. Standard units are manufactured with die cast aluminium gearcases. The modular design concept of these units allows them to be customised at relatively low cost and still offer quick delivery. Options include stainless steel through bores, a choice of motor inputs including hydraulic motor inputs and a choice of input and output shaft variations. We also offer the full range of other Hydromec gearboxes including in-line helical gearboxes, square type worm gearboxes and bevel helical gearboxes. Hydro-mec gearboxes are also available with 100% stainless steel gearcases and motors.

Electric Motors and Gearboxes Northern Ireland

Key Brands – Decentralised Drive Technology – MSF-Technik Variable Speed Drives View Products

MSF-Technik variable speed drives offer innovative solutions in decentralised drive technology. The basic concept is to produce a modular based control system that substantially reduces motor cabling requirements and site installation time. This is achieved by removing motor starters and controls out of a control cabinet and locating them as close as possible to the motor drive units. Traditionally motor controls are all contained within a main control panel which in many cases can be a long way away from each of the respective drive unit within the system. Each MSF unit can be either a motor starter or a variable speed controller. Each unit also has the ability to accept PEC’s and other sensors straight in to the unit, again reducing cabling requirements.

Key Brands – Var-spe Hydraulic Variators View Products 

Var-spe Hydraulic Variator – the technology invented and patented by Var-Spe solves the need for varying the speed of an electric motor through an innovative approach that is completely different from that of all other alternative solutions. Speed is varied physically exploiting the properties of the fluid and without electricity.

The Var-Spe technology is based on the principle of hydrostatic transmission: it consists of two units, i.e., a variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement hydraulic motor, both with radial pistons.The input shaft transmits the constant speed of the upstream motor to a series of pistons that compress and expand the oil inside the cylinders. By varying the oil flow rate and pressure, the speed of rotation transmitted to the output shaft is varied as well.

Lafert Electric Motors

Manufactured in Europe Lafert Electric Motors offer high quality and competitive prices. We stock Lafert motors up to 1.5kw in unpainted aluminium frames, all IE2 Efficiency. Electric Motors can be fitted with B5 or B14 motor flanges and are ready to connect directly on to any standard IEC input gearbox. Unpainted aluminium frame motors are excellent for use in the food industry as they are rust proof and no paint is removed during washdown.

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