Pipe and Joint System by Connect-A-tube

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Pipe and Joint System

 Connect-A-Tube is a pipe and joint system that can be used by any company operating lean manufacturing practices or anyone with a requirement to assemble their own bespoke racking and storage equipment. Also referred to as a tube and bracket system or a pipe racking system, the product is extremely adaptable and can be used to construct a vast array of equipment including racking, shelving, live storage systems, workstations, kitting trolleys, display boards, conveyors and lots of other items that can be used to support your lean manufacturing practices.
We offer a complete design support service that includes free on site consultations to help you decide what types of solutions are most appropriate for your business.
Essentially Connect-A-tube is a self assembly product but for new users or companies who prefer delivery of fully assembled items we offer a complete assembly and installation service.
No special tools are required to assemble Connect-A-tube. A measuring tape, hacksaw, small hammer and a 5mm Allen Key are the basic tools needed to assemble most items.
To get started it is advisable to make a sketch of what you want to assemble and then make sure that you include enough cross ties and diagonal braces to support your structure and keep it rigid and strong. You can download our complete catalogues for help and guidance on how to use Connect-A-tube. connect-a-tube-catalogue


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